the Debate Game…what you gonna say?

A few weeks ago, I went to an event at the Art Museum called “The Art of Love” and it was a series of various activities with “love” themes for Valentine’s Day.

Well, one of them was this game called The Debate Game — this interactive game that was created by two women who wanted to bring the art of dialogue and conversation back to the social scene. Why you may ask? They said because we live in a world where we don’t talk anymore, we text, tweet and have little face-to-face communication. So the concept of the game is to communicate, to debate.

So basically we were put together in small groups with cards that posed various scenarios and situations about any and everything from politics, religion, race, relationships — you name it, it was a possibility. But because it was Valentine’s day, all the cards revolved around love, relationships and romance — go figure right — and it was really interesting to see what kind of responses people said or how they reacted to certain issues like cheating or financial issues with a spouse.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with how “The Debate Game” really had us debating and like any discussion, all our responses differed and everyone had their own way of viewing the situation or solving the purposed problem.

So not a bad way to spend my Valentine’s day evening right? But did I mention I won the raffle at this event too? Yeah, I’m on a roll with raffles — I won one during the Dook vs. Carolina game watch party and then I won one here. Luck? Probably so!

Until next time,



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