I know what it feels like to be a celebrity…yes, I really do

This past week was DC Fashion Week and from Monday to Sunday there were events for any and everyone who wanted a taste of the fashion lifestyle.

On Thursday, there was a DC Fashion Week Networking night for bloggers, models, stylists, designers, photographers and more to mix and mingle and of course, NETWORK. I attended the event with one of my colleagues from work and one of my fellow UNC alums and we each picked a name tag and went with the flow of things. I was the blogger (which I am), Okwae was a stylist and LaToya was a media rep.

Well, little did I know that my little name tag that said “BLOGGER” really said “I’M FAMOUS.” Sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’m actually not! As soon as we walked into the bar, it was crowded with people, photographers and cameras — it was pretty cool and for a second, I really felt like I was at one of these exclusive fashion events (even though it was free). But despite what I did or didn’t pay to get in, the event was a lot of fun and it made me appreciate what I do even more.

So let me set the scene: Top floor of a DC bar; five inch heels and slick bottoms shoes everywhere; blonde, red, black, curly, straight, spiked hair all around; camera flashes and interviews in all the corners and there we were right in the middle of it.

Cool, right!? Yeah — it was to me at least.

Guess who I found there — the ladies of Mila and Fire Vintage! Don’t remember who they are, well check this out!

After we found our bearings, we moved our way around the venue and found ourselves making casual conversation a stylist who just so happened to have some fierce eye makeup. But it’s amazing how quickly our short chat with one stylist turned into a group conversation with  stylist, Victor Price; jewelry designer, Hernan Gigena, and vintage store owner, Shannan Fales. And then it happened. We all knew what to say and we knew how to work the crowd and it was then that I saw how my blogging powers were not only admired but were attracted to me because I blogged as a hobby.

At first it was just one person who turned and said, “oh you blog? What do you blog about?” But then a had a few people left and right approaching me about my blogging and it was really cool. I was the semi center of attention and I’m not gonna lie, I loved it!

But it wasn’t the ten seconds of fame that got me, it was who I met and how quickly I met them and then how interconnected we all could be. It was interesting to see how one conversation lead to another and how all my previous experience with networking in journalism helped me so much with my mix and mingling at this event. I met some many different people who all work in fashion or the entertainment biz in the DMV area and I think I found my little social niche — the DC fashion scene.

My friend, Okwae and me at DC fashion week! Looks super legit, right?

Weird, I know. Different, yes! But it makes sense. My style is me and super eclectic and I’m still a newbie to the city so why not hang out with other fashion obsessed people in DC too?! I know probably still running on a massive natural high from the night but I think it’s a good sign that this is a social avenue that I’ll continue to pursue and we’ll see where it takes me!

Needless to say, I’ve learned my lesson in waiting until the week of fashion week to buy tickets and next year, I’ll make sure to get tickets for the main show. But until then, I’ll start breaking out my pumps and working the DC fashion social scene of life!

Until next time,



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