Take a seat, smell the flowers and chill

Sometimes I feel like we get so busy that we forgot to just live. To take moments from our day to just sit and listen to the birds (or the sounds of the city). Or to smell the flowers or the trees or the new cement they’re laying down by your apartment.

No matter what it is that you’re smelling or hearing, I feel like sometimes we forget to enjoy our environment….our OUTSIDE environment.

But today the sun was shining just right and there was just enjoy breeze to remind you it was still too early for spring but the temperate was perfect.

Perfect for it to be the first of March and the “almost” end of a weird winter. Perfect for sitting outside of Caribou Coffee to enjoy a Carmel chiller after to work and just enjoy a few extra calories today…just because. And perfect for letting the wind blow in your hair and for your thoughts to run the city streets. And most importantly, perfect for having a legitimate excuse to people watch!! ( what can I say, I had to end on a funny note)

But as you can see today was just perfect for letting go for a few minutes, a few hours, a few moments. I usually never stop to do this kind of stuff but with a beautiful like today when I can’t go to a park to walk around and I can’t teleport myself to Chapel Hill to lie around in the quad, I feel like I should at at least try to embrace these moments.

So if the weather is as beautiful as it is today in DC, remember to take a few moments to enjoy it…just for yourself because you deserve it!

Until next time,




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