We all become freshmen….again.

When I was a freshman in high school, I felt like a fish out of water. I was completely new, only knew a few people from my middle school who were attending Southeast Raleigh and it was high school. It was the first time, I was in a setting where there were students becoming adults walking around. Let’s face it, we forget that we turned 18 in high school and that’s when you’re considered an adult, right?

But I survived that and then became a freshman at UNC. Yes, still a little fish in a big pond but this time, I knew more people from high school or the Raleigh area. Plus I participated in a summer school program before starting fall semester so I already had friends to eat lunch with on the first day of class and I knew where all my classes were. And, I survived that with flying colors too.

But then I graduated, interned, became employed, moved to a new city and then became a freshman all over again and I was shocked. I guess I assumed that when you moved to a new city you wouldn’t feel like a freshman again but you kind of do.

Everything is new, you’re learning how to find your way, and you want to be back on top — back to that senior year status where you knew it all, you had your ride or die friends who had your back no matter what and you were confident 24/7. Now this isn’t to say, that becoming a freshman again and again isn’t good for the soul. In fact, it’s great for it. It forces us to get out of our comfort zone and grow as an individual while growing as a professional.

But it can catch us off guard. That’s what it did to me.

It shocked me that I was back at the bottom of the food chain, I was starting all over again and it was weird. But now I’m embracing it. I’m getting better with it. I’m meeting more people. And I’m working my way to gaining “senior status” again.

It just takes time. It takes being brave. It takes being bold. It takes stepping outside my comfort zone. And I’m working on all of that. I’m stepping forward, with my head held high and I’m working on it.

And even though I’ve been here for a few months now, it makes me smile when I realize that it took a good, long talk with one of my college roommates to remind me that we all became freshmen again when we moved to our new cities and started our post graduate lives. We all had to start from scratch but we’re making it. And you, you out there who’s moving or starting a new job or transferring to a new school, yes, you will be a freshman but take pride in knowing that you’ll be a senior again in no time.

Until next time,



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