Take YOURself out to brunch

This past weekend, I had my second weekend off in DC since I’ve been working full-time.

As yall already know, I work weekends and it’s not bad, I usually still have time to do weekend stuff. Plus I’ve had about one “real” weekend off every month — it’s just for the past couple of them, I’ve been in NC for specific reasons.

BUT this past weekend, I was off and I was in DC.

And I did something that I’ve never done before. I decided that I was going to have brunch with ME, MYSELF and I. Yes, just me, Kirstin. I was nervous at first because you always have to wonder to yourself…OMG how is this going to look.

But I think the one of the major things that saved my attempt to enjoy a Sunday from a total disaster was location, location, location.

When I saw my schedule and I noticed I had the weekend off, I knew that I would be going to Eastern Market on Sunday, regardless of any other plans I had made. I knew I wanted to go to the flee market and I knew that (if weather permitted) I wanted to eat outside. Well, all of this happened and here’s how.

My location for Sunday — Eastern Market.

I arrived at the Eastern Market metro station midday and I literally walked up to the first restaurant I found with outdoor seating. The menu was decent, prices…well it’s DC, and I asked the host, “How long is the wait for…one?” He asked if I preferred outside or in. And within five minutes, I was seated outside with a good view of the street and the road leading to the flee market. Not bad in my book.

It wasn’t until I was seated though that I realized I had made another DC mistake — I hadn’t thoroughly read the menu outside before coming in. To my surprise, I found myself at a restaurant the specialized in everything organic and moderately healthy. Go figure right. But I was already outside with my perfect view and I was this whole “I’m treating myself” thing so I figured what the heck, I’ll stay.

So I ordered an avocado and tomato omelet with a cappuccino to drink (I did mention that I was splurging on myself, right?). So as I drank my cappuccino, I started to let my mind wander…I listened to the sounds around me, I thought about what I might find at the flee market, I thought about how great my outfit combo was, and I thought, dang, it’s kind of chilly outside.

My outfit — half vintage, half Urban Outfitters.

Needless to say, I did a lot thinking and hoping for the sun to peak every few moments. But it was also very relaxing. I was trying to keep up with a conversation or worry about loosing my place in a story, I was just enjoying “me time”…. “Kirstin time.”

I started to notice little things that might not have stuck out before like….the interactions people have with each other…that strangers have with each other. I listened to the verbal exchanges between the guy trying to sell a community newspaper on the corner for buck and the people who passed by. I found myself hearing the laughs of little kids running a head of their parents on their way to somewhere. I found myself smiling and staring out to the trees and then back to the street and thinking, “yep, this ain’t half bad.”

But a part from enjoying the time to think and people watch, I realized that having brunch with yourself made you feel more carefree. What I thought was only a few minutes must have been longer because after I had finished my cappuccino, my waitress came over to apologize for the delay in my food. She asked if I would like a cappuccino on the house since it would be a few more minutes. Now for those of you who know me well, you already I didn’t waste two seconds taking that second cappuccino. And as I sipped my drink, I realized that treating myself to brunch was going pretty well so far…however, little did I know that it would only get better.

My cappuccino! Brunch for me, myself and I!

As I stated before, I really wasn’t in any rush so for once I really wasn’t check my clock for the time or trying to concoct a plan to get somewhere in half the time, I was just enjoying the day — which for me was just me being me on my day off but it was also a sign of patience for my waitress. But as my food was coming to the table so was the restaurant’s manager. He said he apologized for the delay in my meal and appreciated my patience. He then proceeded to say, “Your meal is on us today.” As the words rolled out his mouth, all I could do was say “Thank you” with a smile and think I’ve got to take myself out more often — especially since it didn’t cost too much!

So as I enjoyed my meal (which was good, probably even better since it was free lol) I smiled because I had done it. I had purposely gone to a restaurant to have a meal with me, myself and I as the guest. I was the one treating myself and buying at the same time. I was enjoying my Sunday off but doing what other people get to do any Sunday they want and that’s go to brunch on a beautiful afternoon. I made the most of my day off.

My avocado and tomato omelet with spring greens and fresh bread! Not bad, my friends, not bad!

And as I left the restaurant, I felt accomplished as I headed to the flee market. Yes, I was a lone wolf that day but it felt good. I was calling all the shots, I was making my own plans and I was just enjoying my day.

With that said, I suggest that all of you try it. Go to your favorite restaurant (not cafe, not Starbucks, BUT restaurant) or a new one you’ve never tried and have a meal with yourself. Enjoy the opportunity to daydream in public, to think to yourself, and to just enjoy the little things around us.

Yes, that’s what taking yourself out to brunch (or lunch or dinner) is all about.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Take YOURself out to brunch

    • Well thank you! And I actually found some great stuff at the flee market — a pair of silver leaf earrings and a rally vintage and artsy picture of Josephine Baker! So not bad!

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