I blog, you blog, we all blog about it!

Lately, I’ve been bumping into these blogs about clothes and fashion that have really inspired me and I decided it was time to share.

So below are a few blogs that I like to follow — most are about fashion, since I’m trying to find some more style inspiration for this upcoming. But a few blogs are a few of my friends.


While I was searching for some thrifty inspiration as I call it, I stumbled upon this blog and I absolutely love this blogger’s personal style.

This outfit is amazing! And I love the whole thing from head to toe. Photo credits — www.stylepantry.com

This is another fashion blog that I found via pinterest that I feel in love with because of the style and the story behind the blogger. UK fashionista who moved to the Big Apple to experience American fashion and now she blogs about clothes, style and where people get their clothes!

And then pinterest is probably one of the best and worst things I’ve ever done! It’s a website where people will “pin” their “interests” on to boards with links and pictures and it’s very cool and very interactive. Plus it has everything from recipes, clothes, DIY projects, funny posters to more.

Ok, tis all just wanted to share a few sites that I’m now tracking!

Until next time,


P.S. This is blog post 185 — trying to celebrate every little milestone…also the big 200 is right around the corner! Oh snap!


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