Learning from experience

They say you learn best from experience and I must say that’s the definition of learning in journalism.

About half the things we do are based on experiential learning — doing it once, twice and probably a million times more for it to stick. But it’s also one of those concepts where once you experience it once, you’ll definitely remember the next time and then that next time, you’ll learn another lesson and so on and so forth.

At UNC, the best classes I ever had were the ones were I was DOING hands-on-work.  I’m a firm believer that I’m a DO-er. I learn best but doing it. Whatever, it may be. I also learn from my mistakes — they serve as a personal reminder of what not to do or what to change for the next time.

And lately, I’ve had a chance to do some learning on my own and in the field. Yes, you heard me right! In the field, in the action, and learning the whole time.

Now these having been massive breaking news moments but I was the field producer an event about Trayvon Martin, I went to a stakeout and I’ve shadowed producers cutting spots for shows. I’m learning.

I’m learning now….so I’m ready. So I’m ready for what’s next.

So stay tuned fans!

Until next time,



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