Team Fitness — the journey to summer!

I feel like we’re all been there.

We start a new “life change,” diet, workout routine, or whatever you want to call it and then we quit and try again.

Well, I decided that in April that was going to stop and I was going to get right and get tight for the trillionth time. And this time, I think I’m on a roll.

Why? How? Well, I came to terms with my reality and took action.

I don’t work a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 kind of job. So saying I’m going to workout around the same time every week wasn’t going to work. Eating meals at or around the same time everyday wasn’t going to work either.

So I think I figured out a plan that will work.

I broke down and got a trainer. Yes, it’s an extra expensive added to my current expenses. But it’s more of an investment in my future — my health’s future.

With a trainer, I have someone who will hold me accountable if I slip up, I have someone who will push me beyond my personal limit and I have someone to be my cheerleader. Yes, that is what I was missing. I was missing someone who would make sure I wouldn’t be my worst enemy.

I’ve only been working with my trainer for a couple of weeks but I can already see that I’m making progress. I work out with him once a week and I get to the gym about two, even three more times that week. I find myself wanting to get to the gym because I don’t want to be struggling through my next session with my trainer. I know that if I don’t workout outside of our sessions, I won’t be able to keep up.

I also figured out a way to count calories for real. Trying to guesstimate how many calories I was eating a day wasn’t cutting it and trying to physically write down what I ate didn’t work either. Then I stumbled upon this site called My Fitness Pal and it was truly changed my life.

It’s a website and an app for my phone (and yall know I loves those) that will set how many calories I’m allowed per day and then has all these options for foods I can plug in with the amount of calories its worth.

And when I say, it has every kind of food or dish listed…it has EVERYTHING — including restaurants, coffee shops and fast food eateries so I can realistically log my food because it lists how many calories it contains. And for me, that’s what I needed.

I’m a lazy person sometimes when it comes to my health and having an app/website that will tell me how much my morning smoothie is because it already has the same brand of soy milk and protein shake that I use listed in it’s database!

So for the one trillionth time, I’m am trying. But after a few cardio kickboxing classes and a few sessions with my trainer plus my own personal fitness routine. I think I’m going to be successful.

I think I also realized that no matter where I go in life or what my work situation is, I’ll always need a trainer as a part of my fitness routine. Some people don’t, but I think that I’ve just had to come to terms with it that Adult Kirstin does. And I’m ok with that.

Because I’ve had a chance to see myself go from a skinny mini in high school who yes, ate whatever she wanted but I also danced 4 – 5 times a week and then played soccer once a week so yeah, I was fine. And the athlete in me misses soccer enough that I want to get back to where I was. I want to be that midfielder again who definitely wasn’t a stick but could keep up with them on the field.

So with that said, I’m going to try my best to work hard each day! And hopefully, not actually, not hopefully…and WHEN I reach my fitness goal, trust and believe you will hear about it!

Until next time,


P.S. This is POST #190!! Ahh, 10 more until the BIG 200! How should I celebrate? Let me know!


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