If life were a chai tea latte…

In an effort to limit my coffee intake (even though it’s good for you), I started drinking Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks.

It’s one of those drinks that makes you believe that you’re getting your caffeine fix in some herbal and organic way and you feel better about yourself too. Because even you still dropped $4 at Starbucks, you only drank 160 calories and it takes the pain away just slightly.

Plus I get a minor energy boost that doesn’t resolution in a crash later but don’t get me wrong, I’ll be a coffee gal for life. But for now, these are nice addition to my caffeine rotation.

And today as I literally sit in Starbucks typing this piece, I thought to myself, what if life were a chai tea latte. A combination of peacefulness yet a burst of energy and passion. What if life was about 160…..160 smiles to make in a week, 160 recipes to try in a year, 160 people to meet in a month, or 160 moments to share with others.

What if life was like living a a life that was simple — calming like the chai but a little steamy like the milk! Or what if the latte elements were guidelines for life…remember to stay cool under pressure but still sweet when the time is right.

What if a chai tea latte mentality was about being flexible, having the ability to be hot and cold, to be relaxing and necessary, to be the start or the finish, the beginning and the end.

What if it was about reminding us what’s important in life…remembering that we need some tranquaility in our lives but still a jolt of energy at times.

What if?

What if this is all just random nothings that are flowing out on my keyboard as a sip this drink in a semi busy Starbucks in Maryland. What if?

But what if this little chia tea latte or any drink for that matter that we include in our daily routines has a deeper relation or meaning with our lives. What if?

Then again, maybe it’s because I’m a journalist and I try to see things different and that’s why I’m relating life to something as simple as a chai tea latte. But what if?

What if we never ask what if?

Well, maybe we should. So I raise my chai tea latte to that, to the what if’s in life and making them not what ifs but reality. Sometimes it’s better just to do than ask and just to live than think.

Until next time,



The literal inspiration of this post! My Chai Tea Latte!

***P.S. This is post #195! What should I do for post #200??


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