Holy crap it’s JUNE!

Pause for the cause!

Ya’ll it’s JUNE! Like it is now officially summer, it’s the official half way point of the year and it marks about 7 months of me working with NBC. What??

Craziness, right?

I know this may just be another month for some but June is a very interesting bent mark for me! Almost a year ago around this time, I made my first semi move to DC last June. I was moving up here to start my post-graduate career as in intern with NPR and then figure out the rest of my life from there.

Vague, yes. But that was my situation. It was vague. All I had at the time was this blog and an internship through August and a whole lot of hopes and dreams. It’s very interesting to look back on that time and see how far I’ve come and to see how much has happened and to still be in DC!

I imagined this but never thought it would actually happen. But I’m glad it did. DC is a good place for me to be right now and it’s home.

So hello summer 2012 and hello more great moments to come!

Until next time,



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