“Your dress MUST be vintage” – first CapFABB meet up!

Last week, I left work at 7pm then I ventured downtown for a gathering…a gathering of bloggers and fashionistas!

It was my first CapFABB meetup!

I recently joined CapFABB (Capitol Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) because I wanted to find a little group that did what I did blogged for a hobby (but some as full time jobs) or worked in the fashion/beauty industry in DC!

And so far so good. I’ve really seen a lot of support from my fellow CapFABBers for my blog and I love how there are so many different ways people are expressing their style and fashion!

Plus it was nice to go out into the city and hang out with a different group of folks…a fashionable group too!

Check out a few of the highlights!


There was a raffle at the meetup and these lovely ladies won the gifts! Very nice right!


Very chic fashion books at Upstairs on 7th, the host store for the event!


And here I am! This was my vintage outfit for the occasion and everyone knew it was vintage! It was nice to have people know it wasn’t store bought but a thrifting find!


And then here’s some of the goods that were found at Upstairs at 7th! Chic!

I’m sure this won’t be my last meetup, just the first of many so stay tuned for more fashionable updates from the city!

Until next time,


P.S. Here are some of the bloggers I met at the meetup so check out their sites and support them!










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