30 days, 30 outfits, this is what I did!

Well, here it is. The completion of the 30 days, 30 outfits summer fashion photo challenge! I came, I wore and I conquered — well, for the most part! But I will say, this really challenged the fashion decisions I made each day and it was lots of fun! Can’t wait for another one!


1. Your favorite blouse (Love this denim top – great for work and casual days!)


2. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift (Tee shirt was a gift from my bestie and the necklace was a gift to myself)


3. A shirt that you haven’t worn yet (New shirt – I’m not a player, I just blog a lot – 🙂 )


4. Your favorite lip stick (Soft silver rose – love this color on my lips!)


5. Your favorite pair of jeans & 6. A pair of pants that aren’t jeans (So I was busy that day, so I combined the top. Fav jeans are yes, some peach bellbottoms and I love these pants which are thrift of course!)


7. A cute outfit (I call this casual cute for work!)


8. Textures, Color and Pattern Combo (Funky, colorful blazer really embodies this day’s challenge)


9. A cute dress or skirt (Love this pleaded skirt with POCKETS from NY & Co.)


10. A piece of jewelry that a Parent/Grandparent gave you (My Dad, also UNC alum, bought my class ring for me and I LOVE it!)


11. A piece of jewelry that everyone compliments you on (Lovely lips as a rainbow ring – it’s a conversation starter and compliment supplier lol)


12. Your newest purchase (Newest blouse from LOFT and it was 5 bucks! Can we say winning?)


13. Your favorite pair of shoes (Man, these are my ride or die, casual to work to going out, favorite shoes — plus it’s a pop of color)


14. A piece of jewelry that you made (So this is really a necklace that I “made” into a bracelet)


15. Something “Red” (Pops of red are really my thing – and love this life bag of mine – it holds my life!)


16. An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky (Well, not sure if this is considered lucky or not but this blazer goes with everything which is great when it comes to planning outfits!)


17. Wrist Candy (I’m a natural kind of gal and I love wooden pieces like this bracelet)


18. Something you only wear in the summer (Sandals, gladiators and flip flops!)


19. A “pop” of color (Multicolor toes!)


20. Rock an animal print piece (Cheetahs and leopards look great on me especially on my feed!)


21. Your favorite cocktail ring (Did I mention how much I love various forms of animal print – even in rings!)


22. A spring inspired handbag (I always use these little sling bags during the summer and these are just two of my favorites!)


23. One of your favorite fashion icon (Pleasure Principle Janet Jackson is one of my favorite style icons – all black everything!)


24. Ruffles or Lace (Sadly, these are all the ruffles I own so I need to work on that part of my wardrobe)


25. Your favorite pair of sun shades (Zebra print lining)


26. A Fashion book (Not mine but wish they were – spotted these at my first CapFABB meet up)


27. Your favorite mascara (I always keep it classy with that lash blast!)


28. Strike a pose! (My “wind in the hair” pose — it’s a classic)


29. Skincare product in your handbag (I always keep location in my purse – no ash!)


30. Favorite nail polish (I’m a fan of bright colors but bright pinks are my fav)


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