If you ever lose hope…just remember this….

Sometimes I feel like as a young person, we can sometimes get discouraged easily.

This is not to say that we’ll give up without a fight or leave before making our mark, it’s to say, that sometimes life is hard and we want to take a timeout (or two).

I know I’ve had my fair share of knockouts since I’ve graduated but I’m not down and out yet. But I will say, a burst of inspiration every now and again, makes the journey a little easier to travel.

Well, for me, inspiration comes in many ways from phone conversations with my family and friends, a “good job” or “job well done” at work or just an experience that reminds me why I’m working so hard. But I also get inspiration from one other place….the Newseum!

I’m not gonna lie, I love the fact that there’s a museum totally dedicated to journalism from when it was born to now! It makes me smile to think that I do this for real. Not as a hobby or a want, but I am a journalist!

And a couple of weeks ago, I made a trip down there with my Mom and little brother and it was like any other trip I’ve made to the Newseum…inspiration and rejuvenating!

Why? Well, sometimes you just have to be reminded of all the greats that came before you, so you’re inspired to follow their footsteps and influence the next generation of journalists.

I also love seeing the faces of other people who are amazed at what we do as journalists — we get to tell stories, uncover the truth, document history and witness life in a whole new way.


This is probably by far one of my favorite quotes from the Newseum — it hits home why I chose this career and this lifestyle!

But more importantly than inspiration or a few good quotes to get you going, visiting a place like reminds me to be passionate about what you want to do!

None of the journalists who’ve changed the way we consume and deliver news did what they did just for the heck of it! They were passionate about the business, about what they’re jobs really meant and the impact they had on their communities and eventually history itself!

Now that is a motivation booster!

I say it everyday that I won’t be where I am if I wasn’t passionate about what I do and I realize that our passions will take us through the good times and the bad ones and will help us make it through this thing called life. But it’s perfectly ok to sometimes feel like you need a pep talk or a few words of advice or even a reminder of why we’re doing what we’re dong, I feel like that’s what makes us human and makes us even more passionate.

Until next time,



And I’m in DC, so of course, the campaign/election journalism section had me all types of excited! Can’t wait to get a taste of that this year with the 2012 Election season!


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