It’s my 200th Post-day!

Well, here it is, post 200!

200 posts ago, I started this blog of random nothings, insights to my life and picture collages of the things that I’ve experience that really make up my so-called life.

I always find it interesting that I started this blog for so many other reasons but it’s evolved into so much more. When I was still in school, I thought this would be my website host but then it didn’t quite turn out that way and I switched sites.

But I still had this wordpress account just chilling, right? And as graduation approached, I thought to myself… Self “What can I do with this blog site?” and thankfully, I didn’t reply to myself (lol) but I did decided that one of my post graduation activities would be to blog and actually maintain a blog.

I had attempted to be a blogger after my junior year when I had to make a blog for a class but I never did. I think because I was trying to make something out of something else, it didn’t work out. It wasn’t organic enough. It was already one way and I was trying to go another.

But with this second take at a blog, I decided to go broad, go big, go…ME! I knew that I wasn’t a true expert in just one thing that I wanted my blog to be one of those blog that specialized in something so I made it specialize in me. It would be the documentation of my life, the adventures I would take after I left that bubble called college and it would be great practice for keeping my writing skills up. I knew that if I just kept writing, even if it was just random encounters from summer but at least keep me focused on telling stories.

And I hope I’ve done just that. I hope I’ve told you stories from a new perspective from my perspective as a 20-something individual just trying to figure out life as it happens.

But now that I look back on it, it’s amazing how this little blog that started with posts about graduating and moving to DC has transformed into some deep stuff! Shoot, I didn’t realize I would create some of the stuff I wrote. But more importantly, I saw a change and how I thought about writing and this blog.

After I got the hang of it, I found myself wanting to blog about an experience or a recent adventure…it wasn’t a chore, it was something that I needed to do, something I wanted to do. And that my friend was the different between blog one and this one right here and I was enjoying the feedback I got from others who read my blog and embraced this new form of expression!

So, here I am 200 posts later with a growing fan base and support system, with a new sense of what kind of blogger I am and with a better handle of what this so-called life I’m living is all about.

Well, that’s all for now and I hope you continue to follow me along this journey and all the twists and turns I take. Clearly, I never really know what I’ll talk about next  but what can I say, here we go!

Here’s to another 200 plus posts and the evolution of me!

Until next time,



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