Tie dye is pretty darn patriotic!

Yesterday was America’s birthday and it was my third 4th of July in the district! Oh snap! I’ve been doing this DC thing for a while!

Anywho, this was my third and probably one of the best 4th of Julys I’ve had because it was pretty carefree, laid back and I ended my night watching the fireworks from a rooftop. Now that is truly the best way to do 4th of July in DC — rooftops all the way!

And it was so cool being up so high because not only could I see the whole city but when the fireworks started going off, I could see them going off everywhere — places in downtown, off my the Nats stadium, probably somewhere in Maryland. It was pretty neat to see a ripple effect of fireworks and lights just blasting around in the distance!

So check out a few pictures from the day including my totally awesome and retro inspired outfit!

Until next time,



My retro 4th of July outfit – my first ever tie dyed tshirt by me, black cutoff shorts that were DIY by me and some funky nail polish colors and accessories.


My rooftop view for the evening in DC.


And the night version of my rooftop view! And when I say mine, I mean the people I was hanging out with because I definitely don’t have this view from my apartment in MD.


Happy birthday America! 236 years never looked so good!


Yall can’t tell me tie dye isn’t patriotic! We’re all a little hippie inside!


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