Countdown to the greatest games of them all

It’s official. July is here which means the 2012 Olympic games are just weeks and days away!

Every four years, every country in the world gears up for this amazing time when everyone is competing for their country and pride is in the air! There’s nothing like it and I live and breathe these games from the trials to the closing ceremony.

And on Friday, July 27, 2012, another opening ceremony will usher in the beginning of 17 days of nonstop sports, games, competitions, wins, loses, records and emotion! Ahh, so exciting, right?

London is already getting ready for the games.

I wish there was a way to watch everything but for me, my personal favorites will and have always been — men’s and women’s gymnastics, swimming, diving, track and field and the opening ceremony. I know, I know, the opening ceremony isn’t a competition but it’s just so amazing to see all the athletes together, marching in with their country’s flag and then lighting the iconic torch. Yeah, that’s why I love the games.

So with that said, GO USA!

Until next time,



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