My life in living color – Part 2

Every so often, I like to document some of my life via pictures…well that’s actually a lot of times. But every so often, I’ll post a few of them on my blog!

This is probably the third time I’ve done this but what can I say, I keep having adventures and I keep taking pictures! So here’s a little something, something I have for you guys! Enjoy!

Until next time,



We had ice cream day at work! And literally, an ice cream truck showed up — can we say epic?


This past May, I went to two graduations — NCCU’s and UNC’s! Many congrats again to the class of 2012!


Fro-yo is so addictive and so good!


While I was in the Big Easy, I had to try some beignets! Amazing!!


My first DIY tie dye shirt! Looks pretty good huh?


My new business cards — what do you think?


Fried green tomato BLT — that was just so divine!


Rocking florals by the Mississipi


What can I say, I love DC!


Dear DC, Why so many cupcake options?


Last but not least, a quick moment from my first NBC News web piece about the youth vote! Looking like a reporter, right? 🙂


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