Adventures in food truck heaven

Once a month, throughout the summer, the city of DC host an event called Truckeroo and it’s a foodie’s paradise. An empty lot becomes a stage with live music, a dozen food trucks, tents with tables and chairs and tons of fun. It’s food truck heaven.

I went to my first Truckeroo this month and I loved it! Unlike more DC folks, I don’t work in the heart of the city or near downtown so I don’t get to see food trucks on a regular basis so for me this was a BIG treat! And trust me, I totally indulged…shhh don’t tell my trainer!

And instead of attempting to describe all the deliciousness I had, I’ll show you! Here are a few pictures from my first food truck experience and trust, I will be going back to visit next month for round two!

Until next time,



Pulled BBQ Sandwich with black bean salad from BBQ DC — nothing close to NC BBQ but still very tasty!


Hmmmm Empanadas!!


This was like a buffalo chicken wing in an empanada — crazy yes but so good!


Had to grab dessert while I was out there too!


And it wouldn’t be a DC event without cupcakes.


Hey — your resident foodie!


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