The joys of a weekend off

As you all know from various posts and from knowing how my career works, I work weekends…a lot. But every now and then, I get a weekend off. Yes, I get a full 48 hours off on a Saturday and Sunday and for a second, I am like everyone else. I am off! I’m going to brunch, I’m hanging out, I’m checking out the flee market…I’m off!

And it’s a wonderful feeling.

So what did I do with my weekend off you may ask? I did it all! I actually did so much I was exhausted but it was totally worth it! But now, I’m back to the grind and enjoying my random Wednesdays and Tuesdays or Thursdays off and you know that’s fine with me.

I think if I had too many real weekends off, I’d be broke from visiting the flee market so much and as big as a house from going to brunch so I see these rare weekends off as a nice treat for every now and then.

Until next time,



Rocking thrift items of course and my DIY Tie Dye T-shirt in Eastern Market!


First time having chicken and waffles and it was AMAZINGGGG!!


Jewelry shopping like I don’t have enough stuff at home.


Best flee market in the city, I tell, the BEST!


Sunday Funday brunch on a rainy day!


Passed this while walking around Eastern Market and I wished there were more places like this that reminded us of the past.


Brunch round 2! I’m tell ya couldn’t do this all the time!


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