11 years ago…

11 years ago, I was 12 years old.

Ligon Middle School in science class when it happened. I didn’t understand, I couldn’t quite comprehend the magnitude of the situation until I saw the news that night.

When I saw those images, heard about all those lives lost, it hit me what had really happened. And 11 years later, this day will always be a day that we should stop and remember.

But today, I’m chose to remember the good that came from that day. I’m going to honor those heroes of Flight 93 who said they wouldn’t let their death be in vain, I chose to honor all the police men and women, firefighters and everyday people who risked their lives to save another, I honored those journalists who risked their lives to tell the hardest story they’ve ever told, I honored those families who are still going strong after this tragedy.

Today, I honored you all because of the strength you showed that day and still show 11 years later. 9-11-01 — Always Remember.

Until next time,



Last year, I was living with family in MD and traveled into the city to visit the Pentagon Memorial and a few museums who had 9/11 artifacts on display. Needless to say, this was the first time I cried at a museum. Everyday items had a story behind them that day. Never Forget.


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