Thrifting…good for the mind, body and spirit

If you haven’t thrifted before than you are truly missing out. Because it’s not just shopping, it’s discovering unique gems that were once someone’s and now get to be yours.

It’s like getting the chance to play dress up in your imaginary, super fashionable and fabulous Aunt’s closet. Just think about it. They say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and that’s the essence of thrifting. You get to take someone’s old dress or skirt or blouse or piece of jewelry and make it your own.

You get to put your own spin on it or alter it to match your personal style and then when you add it to your wardrobe, it’s all yours now. It’s no longer somebody’s old this or that, it’s yours. And it’s all you. Plus the way you style it is a true reflection of who you are! Can’t get that kind of feeling from buying retail, I tell ya!

And some of you may ask, why I’m sharing this random (but I’m sure useful) piece of information but it’s because I haven’t been thrifting in MONTHS. And I miss it. It’s really a great release for the mind, body and spirit. Because your mind is not worrying about expensive prices, you get to fit your body to some new and unique items and I always leave a thrift store in a better mood and high spirits because I can usually grab some great stuff for a great price. And because I’ve been so busy with work and other things, I have not been to any of my usual spots to thrift and it’s taking a toll on me.

Well, ok, I won’t go that far but it has been something I’ve missed and I will be making a stop to the thrift store on my next day off. It’s time to find some new and unusual items for my closet. Plus the 2012 fall season is quickly approaching so I need to beef up what I’ll be wearing around the DC streets!

Until next time,



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