Swapping old things for new gems!

This past Saturday it was a beautiful Indian summer kind of day in the city and on a rooftop in Chinatown I found myself at my second fashion swap!

It was hosted by DewDrop DC who’s hosted a few swaps in the past and this time the theme was get lucky! And boy, did I get lucky?

I always loved the concept behind the swap because it’s a nice medium between retail shopping and thrifting. You’re not paying full price for these items instead it’s just a flat rate and just like thrifting, most of the items have been gently used but occasionally you’ll come across something with the price tag still on!

Pretty great, huh?


Shoes, shoes and more shoes at the swap!


Tops and bottoms were separated by sizes.


But what I liked about this swap in particular was the fact that it was shopping with some substance. While munching on cupcakes and sipping on cocktails, all the swappers got to enjoy a style chat with the Monica Barnett! Don’t know her?

Well, she’s the voice behind Blueprint for Style, a fashion contributor for various publications such as The Root DC and The Washington Post plus she’s an alpha shopper for Lucky Magazine. Yes this woman knows fashion!

And during her style chat, she give us a few tips for this upcoming fall season and answered any fashion questions we had. She was also so down-to-earth! Oh and her style is just fabulous!


Hanging out with Monica Barnett who was truly quite fabulous and her jumper outfit combo was amazing! I wish I had gotten a picture of her shoes!


My co-worker, LaToya, joined me for this fashion swap!

After the style chat was over and the cocktails were done, it was time to swap and find some new goodies!

And just like any event where women and clothes are involved, we all made a mad dash to our respective size sections and started searching for new gems. It was definitely a rush because you essentially were trying to find what you liked the best and in your size first! It was like the fashion 400 sprint and I was a little caught off guard — especially as a veteran thrifter who’s used to taking her time when shopping.

But it was kind of fun and like a said a good little rush trying to snag on item first!


Some of the other goods!

But for this being my second swap, I think I got some good stuff. I found a nice A-line business dress for work, a couple of tops and even a few accessories.

I also found a few new gems at the Pop Up shop which was apart of the event as well. It was just a few vendors, all of them very much up and coming and each very unique. But my favorite one was Nic’s Picks — a vintage boutique for real women — ie women like me with curves! I only bought a blazer and dress from her stand but I was so tempted to buy more which says a lot coming from me since I’m so anti-retail shopping these days!

And of course, there was a jewelry vendor and of course, I bought a new ring (I swear I have a problem with those things)! But all in all it was a great afternoon. I met more people in the DC fashion scene, networked with other bloggers, get some much needed (and well deserved) shopping done and got to enjoy a Saturday off in the city!

Until next time,



Me! Rocking an all thrift outfit! 😀


And I finally met Kristine — the lady behind DewDrop DC!


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