Cheating on fashion for ART!

This past weekend, I had another weekend off (praise!) and it was right after I got my second paycheck from working the conventions so that means a huge overtime check. And I just knew I was going to use some of my money (just some) on a new pair of shoes because what can I say, I’m a fashion girl and I love SHOES.

Well, before I could do that, my roommate and I decided to redecorate our living room one night and we thought it’d be good to get some more art in our apartment. And I totally agreed.

So the next day was Sunday aka the BEST day to go to the Flee Market and of course, I found more jewelry because that’s just a given but this time around, I realized I was cheating on fashion…with ART!

This was the first time I’d been to the market with every intention to buy some art and instead of buying one piece, I bought like 5…yeah what can I say? I was feeling very artful lol!

But it was kind of fun buying art and looking for pieces that I could add to the apartment but also to my own personal art collection. And I think I’m starting to develop my own artsy style which just like my clothing style is very vintage and eclectic too!

So check out what I bought and let me know what you think! But shhh don’t tell my closet (and my inner Carrie Bradshaw) that I was cheating on it for other things than clothes! 🙂

Until next time,



Old school makeup ad from a VOGUE from the 1950’s — weird yes, but oh so unique!


Another vintage print — this time it’s a perfume ad.


Print of the US Capitol which features a 1920’s design!


Now clearly, I didn’t buy all this..I wish I could have but these are just some of the things I saw at the flee market. Amazing right?


1952 issue of Harper’s Bazaar that is currently framed and hanging up in our bathroom! Very fitting!


My first real piece of art! Isn’t she beauty? Old school Vogue print!


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