DIY me!

If you have pinterest then you already know what I’m talking about. It’s the center for a lot of things but a good amount of them are DIY projects. And they always look so easy when it’s actually harder than it looks.

But I think I’ve done it — I’ve found something on pinterest and figured out how to do it myself!

So let me start from the beginning and show you how I did it!

First, saw the image below on pinterest and though, hmmm this is really cute. And for non pinterest users, when you click on a picture you like or are interested in, it’ll automatically take you to a link. That link usually leads to a website where you’ll find the recipe if it’s the picture of a meal or the directions for a DIY project.

Well, this picture lead to a website with a price tag. Someone had a business of making these little canvas pictures and it was really cute but not for $65 — I mean come on! 65 bucks for a canvas with buttons!


The inspiration !

So this is what I did. I went to Michael’s craft store and bought a blank canvas, some zebra print fabric, and tons of buttons. Then I went to work.


And so it begin…

I covered my canvas with the zebra print fabric. I used these little double stick tacks I found at the craft store. Basically they were for hanging up posters but it did the job here too! But it’s really because I don’t own a hot glue gun — that would have been my first choice.


Then I look at the picture from pinterest on my phone and then I just modeled it the best way I could. It wasn’t perfect but it was mine and I think it turned out pretty well, actually very well!

And I’m really proud of myself — it took a couple of long nights sewing on each button at a time but as I look at on my wall, it was totally worth it!

So call me a DIY queen because I’m ready to take more some more projects!

Until next time,



The final product! Nice work, right?


One thought on “DIY me!

  1. I agree with you on the $65 bit. A side-eye moment.

    I love the DIY craft, though! I’m going to do something like this soon! I wonder what other little doodads I could use to create my “K A”. Thanks for sharing this idea. 🙂

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