When in ATL, do as the ATLiens!

Every now and then you need a break.

And when I got that break in the form of a weekend off, I took it and flew to Atlanta. Yeah, I literally got out of town for a few days.

But it was much needed.

And sometimes, you don’t want to stay at home or in the area, you want to jet set to another city and just hang out.

So I hopped on a plane and spent the weekend with my P.I.C. (aka my partner in crime), Perrine and we had a blast.

Of course, we shopped and catch up on life and all that good stuff but we both ventured to our first Taste of Atlanta weekend. Basically, several streets in downtown ATL were shut down and in place were food stands and food trucks with any and everything.




So with 10 food tickets in hand (each stand had food that cost x about of tickets), we walked around all the booths to get an idea what they had to offer — and to make sure that we got the best deal.

Then we found it — the best deal. A BBQ spot half way down the street gave customers two spare ribs and a piece of corn for only three tickets. We knew we hit gold and got in line and boy, was it AMAZING!

20121008-095424.jpgBest deal ever — RIB nom nom nom

20121008-095435.jpgMy PIC — Perrine!

Overall, the weekend was a blast of food, fun, girl talk, an amazing sale at Urban Outfitters and good times with someone who’ve I’m missed dearly!

But you can’t end a fun filled weekend in ATL without THRIFTING! Perrine and I both adore and LOVE thrifting so we knew that had to be on the agenda before I went back to DC and boy was it great! Found some great new treasures that I’ve already worn!

20121008-095503.jpgLike I said, we BOTH love thrifting…and yeah, we got kind of carried away! 🙂

20121008-095519.jpgEnded the day with brunch and an AMAZING mimosa deal — like 99cents for real??! Yeah, it was real yall!

Even though, I was only in ATL for like literally two days, it was a great break from the routine and I came back to DC rested up and ready to started a new week.

Until next time,



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