The Curly Chronicles

When most people start blogs, they have a set theme in mind. Hair, makeup, fashion, food, art, you name, someone has a blog about it.

When I started my blog, it was more for documenting my life as it unfolded after graduation. But then a year later, it morphed into what it is a today – a fashion and lifestyle blog.

But recently, one of my college friends suggested that I start posting a few pieces about my curls. For those of you who aren’t in the natural hair club (it’s ok if you’re not!), it’s really becoming a new phenomenon. More women who were relaxed, pressed and hot combed up are now transitioning to natural hair and they’re learning how to do it from blogs and the internet.

I mean the number of blogs that are dedicated to natural hair is just countless and they vary from those you’ve made it a brand like Curly Nikki to friends I have from UNC who’ve started their own blogs like College Curlies (For the Fabulous and Frugal).

As someone who’s been natural all her life, I was so shocked when I realized there was so much you could learn from blogs about the process of transiting your hair to the products you should use to hair styles for every phase of the hair journey. It was like stepping into a whole new world but all online!

And now as a regular blogger, I think it’s time to expand my range yet again.

I’m going to start a new set of posts called, “The Curly Chronicles.” It’ll be a set of posts about my hair journey as a lifetime natural because even though, I’ve used very few chemicals in my life, I’ve still had to transition with the times. Plus, I’m still learning how to style my curls, find the right products and learn from others who’ve had similar or different experiences with their hair. And with this kind of blogging, it’s all about sharing information and personal experiences. What works for me may work for someone else too and vice versa.

So here we go – let the curly conversations begin!

Until next time,



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