25 days of veggies!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrr!”

Everyone knows that tune, and everyone knows what time they’re talking about…DECEMBER! the holiday season is upon us and this December, I’m doing something a little different.

Instead of chanting the usually 25 days of Christmas, I’m challenging myself to the 25 days of Veggies! Yes, you heard me veggies!

How does this work? Well, starting today and until Christmas Day, I’ll be a vegetarian! That means no red meat, no chicken, just vegetables and some fish (I almost decided to go all hardcore vegan but then I said to myself, “Self, let’s go with baby steps here.” So fish got to stay on the list)

But my thinking behind this was why wait until January 1st and the new year to try to becoming a better me. If I start now, by the time I make my New Years Resolutions I’ll already be on my way to success. Plus I want to cleanse my body the healthy way and there is no better way than going GREEN!

And I’m not doing this challenge to please anyone or to set some standard for others, I’m just doing it for me! I’m trying to challenge myself, my personal fitness and most importantly, my WILLPOWER! They say it takes 14 consecutive days to break or form a habit so I’m going for 25!

Of course along the way, I’ll blog about my experience and how well it’s going along the way but feel free to join me! Even if you only do it for a week, even just for one day, just challenge yourself this holiday season and see what happens! You might just surprise yourself!

Until next time,


And who says going GREEN has to be hard? I’ve been going green in some small ways already. Check it out!


Green snacks make for a better person!


Earlier this year, I made some homemade spinach pie — quite tasty and healthy too!


I’ve even written, produced and shot a story about healthy eating so now it’s time to practice what I learned while working on this project!


3 thoughts on “25 days of veggies!

  1. Nice! Good luck with that, it’s a great way to ‘start’ your new year. I love that idea of starting your new year resolutions early so that you’ll already be on your way to success by the time the next year starts. Something I read earlier today or yesterday I really liked said: “Feel good this holiday season!” And I thought, hmm, why not? And what an excellent way to put it too; instead of thinking of enjoying yourself with “goodies” like brownies and cakes and other fatty foods, why not feel good by keeping those to a minimum, exercising, and eating healthy? That way you’ll feel great and not be bloated by the time the holidays are over.

    Anyways, that’s my rant on this topic haha. I’m trying to lose weight, and I’m not planning on giving up meat (I don’t eat a whole lot of meat as it is), but I do plan on (hopefully!) starting an exercise routine so I can feel great by the time the new year rolls around. 🙂

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