Veggies – Taste the Rainbow!

So…I’m a few days into my 25 days of veggies challenge and so far so good.

Thankfully, I’ve experimented with various vegetarian dishes throughout the year so this challenge is just putting all those recipes to good use.

But while making my dinner the other day, I realized how colorful it was! It was the true definition of tasting the rainbow (and it was nice to know what that catchy Skittles jingle served another purpose beside representing a processed, sugary candy). All the colors made me think… “Ya know, being a vegetarian isn’t that bad.”


The prep stages of Vegetable Tian! Awesome and very simple dish!


I mean look at this! It’s hearty veggies with CHEESE on top and it’s healthy! Love it!


And please don’t think this was my full portion I had plenty more but just look at all the colors on my plate — even after the dish was finished cooking.

And despite how good my vegetable tian was… I definitely had a craving for a cheeseburger other day! However, I resisted temptation and instead of a burger, I had a whooping serving of my homemade spinach pie — which is pretty amazing may I add!

I’m still very early in my fitness challenge so I know I have more recipes to try and more temptations to avoid! But with all these vibrant colors to choose and cook from, it’s becoming a lot of fun adding so much color to every meal!

Until next time,


P.S. My goal with this challenge is to also post the links and sources for some of the recipes I’ve been using and to share with you guys — hopefully, it’ll inspire you to be more creative (and COLORFUL) with your food too!


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