Mixology: The Art of Mixing Prints

Mixology…when prints meet in a fabulous and not so obvious way.

There’s an art to mixing. It’s not for every print because not all prints aren’t created equal — they’re unique and that’s why we love them.

The right mix is the essence of the right combination of the dominate print with an accent print. The problem some people run into when mixing is trying to combine TWO dominate prints and then they clash. You want your prints to meet at a happy medium where you can see and appreciate both!

For me, the trick is knowing which print will be my star in my outfit — usually it’s the dress, the blazer, the bottoms or if you’re really a prints master, even the shoes who steal the show.

Once you know which print is the leading lady, your second print then becomes the understudy — still a very essential part to the look but not the focal point. For me, I usually make my second print an accessory — some kind of funky scarf, head wrap, belt or pair of shoes. This way you get the mix without the match and without clashing.

While others love to match perfectly, I find it a pet peeve of mine NOT to be too matchy matchy. In my opinion, matching from head to toe limits your creativity! It doesn’t allow you to have some fun with your look and that’s what fashion is all about — showing off your personal style!

The only disclaimer I have is SIZE! Make sure the print fits your body type — some frames can handle a larger print while others need smaller prints. And this part takes some time, you sometimes have to make a few fashion mistakes with prints before you know which ones work best for you. I’ve learned that florals are my thing but they have to be small to medium sized on the article of clothing for my body type. A dress with huge flowers wouldn’t look good on me but small flower buds are the best thing for my shape — and I have similar pieces of clothing with small floral prints to prove it!

And remember, everyone’s body type is unique so the types and sizes of print will be unique too — just for you!

Still not sure you can master the mixology of prints? Well, I’m a visual learning so let me help you out.

Thanks to pinterest and million fashion blogs out there in the world, there’s so much inspiration for how to mix prints and to see which prints seem to work well together already!

Spots and stripes: At first it doesn’t seen like these two could be mixing buddies but they really are. With one as the dominate and the other as the secondary, you can pair spots/dots with stripes any way you like. Again, just keep in mind the size of each print and you’ll be good to go!


Florals and Stripes: These two can make a very lovely combination. But I think the look is executed best when one print is your top or bottom and the other is an accessory or bag. This blogger wore a striped top with a floral scarf and I love how it looks but I think had the prints been two major parts of the outfit like top AND bottom – it would be too much to handle!


BIG PRINTS – Floral Edition: So if you couldn’t tell from the last two print combos, floral is a great print to mix with. It’s also a great stand alone piece when you mix it with simple and subtle accents of color and even other prints.

BIG Floralq_cBIG print

These two looks represent just that — each use the bottoms of the outfit to highlight big, bold floral prints with a bag or funky accessories to set it off!

And I’m a person who practices what they preach so here are a few of my favorite “mixes” of prints! I hope they help inspire you to mix a few pieces of your own!

photo 2Cheetah print with a floral blast!

photo 5Print maxi skirt with a printed headband!

photo 1Paisley and Cheetah — what can I say, I love my cheetah! 🙂

photo 4Striped wide legged pants with a printed headband! Oh and my lovely printed Perrine — she’s also a fashionista, if you didn’t notice!

Now that you see how it’s done, get out there and mix some prints! Don’t be afraid to start small and then work your way up — just remember to have fun with it!

Until next time,



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