Popeye might have been right about spinach!

Everyone remembers that old carton about Popeye, the Sailor Man. He was a sailor who used his secret weapon whenever necessary…and that was SPINACH!


I remember seeing the cartoon and when Popeye would get his can of spinach his arms would become gigantic and he would save the day with his big strong arms!

Well, in honor this veggie challenge, spinach has become my super food too! It’s a great source of protein and I can use it for every meal of the day! Yes, EVERY meal including breakfast and here’s how.

I present to you the return of the Green Monster Smoothie!

When you first hear the ingredients, it sounds like this smoothie is going to be a little weird but it’s the completely opposite and it tastes amazing!


The dream team — Greek yogurt, peanut butter, protein shake mix, frozen banana chunks, Almond milk (or dairy product of your choice) and SPINACH!


With all their powers and forces combined…


..You get this! The green monster smoothie that tastes NOTHING like spinach and it’s a healthy, hearty start to your day!

Now, I know I’ve been hitting you guys with A LOT of veggie blogs lately but like I said, this is a journey for me and I hope it helps you guys too!

Until next time,



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