I’m almost there… Veggie Challenge

Today is Day 23 of my 25 Days of Veggies Challenge and it’s been quite an interesting journey.

Being a vegetarian for the past few weeks has really been an eye opener and it made me think about some of the things that I’m putting into my body.

I noticed that during this time I had so many random cravings for chicken, hamburgers and BACON — random I know but I think when you tell yourself you can’t have something, your mind says that’s exactly what it wants. But despite these cravings and various forms of temptation from happy hour to my office Christmas party, I stayed strong and I kept to my fitness challenge.

I’ve also found ways to be more creative in the kitchen. Now, I know how to experiment with veggies and seafood to create appetizing and satisfying meals like vegetarian tian, spinach pie, shrimp, spinach and tomato pasta  and more. Plus I learned how to try new things at the grocery store — like organic foods and lots of whole wheat products. I also found new ways to eat better when I was on the run. During this month, I realized I had a thing for getting soup when I wanted to get take out and didn’t want to cook. Or if I was going to work and needed to grab something on the way, I discovered new places like Cava Mezze Grill which is like Chipotle but so much healthier and it tastes great too!

But at the end of the day, I’m just proud of myself for sticking with this challenge from Day 1 to now. Plus I’m ready to make even more changes as we head into 2013. One of them will be trying to cut out all red meat from my diet completely. Now chicken that has a special place in my heart so I don’t think I could conform to being a full-time vegetarian but no red meat is definitely very doable.

I also see myself in 2013 doing more of these personal challenges. They don’t have to be long and they don’t have to be drastic but I think it’d be something fun to try in the new year. Like 30 days of no sweets or 30 days of no carbs, who knows what I’ll think of but I think challenge myself will help in the long run because it’ll test my willpower!

So there you have it… first personal challenge is almost done and we’ll see which one I try next. But I will say, on Christmas Day, I will be thoroughly enjoying everything from turkey to ham to stuffing and everything in between! Besides, I’ve earned it at this pont! 🙂

Until next time,



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