Back to being a meat eater!

Well yesterday ended my 25 days of veggies challenge and I was able to enjoy my family’s hearty Christmas dinner with no hesitations!

But I do have a new found understanding for food and what I’m putting into my body. Even though I enjoyed everything on my plate yesterday, it was one of the “brown-est” meals I’ve had all month. Don’t catch my drift? Well, while being a vegetarian all my meals were so colorful — from breakfast to dinner! I usually ate something green for 2 out of 3 of my meals and yesterday I think only 2 items on my plate were green. And again it’s not a criticism of the cooking, it’s an observation. And it’s one that I will use for the new year.

After eating some turkey, ham and bacon all for the first time in about a month, I confirmed that I wouldn’t be converting to vegetarianism anytime soon! But I will be cutting out all red meat in 2013. I don’t need it and chicken and fish are better forms of protein anyway so why not cut all the other things out.

I’ll also be making a better effort in 2013 to have colorful meals and avoid having too much brown because the more color, the better!

So we’ll see how it goes in the new year! I’m sure I’ll still eat a little bacon here and there when I go to brunch or eat a juicy hamburger every once in a blue moon but at least I’ll start my year with the goal of making every meal colorful! How about you?

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Back to being a meat eater!

  1. Hey girl…how did this work for you? Where you able to see a difference in your energy or skin or anything? How about weight loss? I’ve considered doing it a few times…adrianne.

    • Hey lady! This challenge was an interesting process — definitely tested my will power but to be honest, I didn’t see a major weight loss but I didn’t see any weight gain! And for this to be the holiday season that was a win in my book. But my body felt cleaner and it was a good cleansing process. I would definitely recommend at least for a short amount of time like two weeks to a month!

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