A celebration of the people

Today, President Barack Obama will be publicly sworn in for his second term in office.

Four years ago, my family and packed into our mini van and drove to Washington, DC to witness President Obama’s first inauguration. And it’s crazy to think that now, I’m helping out with national coverage for this second inauguration of the 44th president. It’s almost surreal sometimes to see how I’ve come as a journalist and how many things I’ve seen in my very short career.

And I must say, this production known as the 57th inaugural celebration has been quite an experience and I’ve learned so many things from being a participant to field producer!

So today as you watch the inauguration live in person or on TV, just think about how far you’ve come in four years too.

If you’re out and about today for the celebration, stay warm and enjoy the experience! After all the standing in line and standing in the cold, you’re still on the frontline of history and that is truly priceless!

Until next time,



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