Another whirlwind experience

Several weeks ago, President Barack Obama was inaugurated again and I was out and about the District covering it.

It was definitely a whirlwind experience that I’ll never forget and I learned so much along the way. I know it seems like months ago at this point but I still wanted to share just a little bit of my experiences from that weekend and historic moment.


My view from the Candlelight Ceremony held on Sunday, Jan. 20th – the night before Inauguration day.


I wasn’t outside for the big moment when Pres. Obama took his oath and Beyonce sang the National Anthem but I was at the Inaugural Ball covering their first dance! I also stayed warm most of the day!


Oh hey, that’s me before the Ball started that night!


And that my friends is indeed Stevie Wonder himself — probably one of the best moments that night because I’ve never seen him perform live before! Truly amazing!


I wish I could say I took this picture but alas I was too far away on the press risers but one of my friends was up close and snapped this picture of Pres. Obama and First Lady Michelle and I just had to share it!

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I hope from these pictures you can tell that I had thousands and thousands of words that could be used to describe how that weekend was.

Until next time,



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