Curly Chronicles: Afro Nation

I can’t speak for all my natural girls out there but for me, there’s a definite sense of freedom that comes when you rock the afro!

It’s a statement look that can be interpreted and defined in so many different ways. And no afro is the same. No afro is created equal and should be treated the same. Each afro is so unique in its own way.

The afro to me is like a woman saying, “Hey look at me, I am woman, hear me roar!” Or the freedom to just let your head back and shake your curls in your face. The afro is something that has so many meanings and definitions but one thing’s for sure, everyone who rocks an afro has a sense of PRIDE.

Not cockiness or a sense of being self-centered but a true sense of pride in oneself. It’s not easy wearing an afro especially in a professional setting or workforce but we still do it anyway and we do it with pride.

We wear our picked out, moisturized, 2 inches or 24 inches long curls and make them work. We have our curls parted to the side, down the center, to fit our face or to lay all over the place. We wear than long, short, tight, loose, kinky and even though we try so hard to avoid it, we usually wear them with frizz too.

But do you see what I’m trying to say? The Afro Nation is so diverse and so unique that there’s no one way or right way to do it, it’s just you. With straight hair, it’s just straight. Bangs can be beautiful but if cut wrong, well, you can imagine how that would look. And braids will be braids. But an afro, yeah, that’s a statement style for the ages — one that has lived the test of time and has been reinvented, reinterpreted and rediscovered so many times by so many different types of women.

I’m proud to say I’m a member of the Afro Nation. We are a unique tribe of women who choose to make a statement, even if we don’t realize that we are.

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One thought on “Curly Chronicles: Afro Nation

  1. I went natural because I love afros. My friend in college used protective styles for 4 years and when she let her hair loose it was a gigantic afro. She had the fiercest afro puffs.

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