Dear Spring, Where are you?

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a Southern girl — always have and always will be — which means I love my warm weather, sunshine and more importantly, sundresses!

Sadly, this past winter has been very wacky from random days of sunny weather to the ever so cold but sadly disappointing “snow-quester” but it feels like spring is taking a little longer to come this year.

Last year this time, it felt like spring had come by now and the weather was warm, the sun was out and all was well in the world. This year, it feels like every day is 45 degrees and gloomy!

I will admit that even though I hate losing an hour from daylight savings time, I love leaving work in the evenings and seeing the sunset versus walking out to pitch black darkness. So yes, that’s a minor perk. But my inner Southern Belle just can’t help but wish for spring to come right now!

As much as I have enjoyed rocking my colored jeans and profiling in my new pea-coat, I’m ready to break out the skirts and dresses without having to pair them with tights, I’m ready to wear sandals and actually paint my toe nails again, and I’m ready to find any and every excuse to buy more sunglasses! Yes, it’s the little things but I’m ready!

I’m also ready for what spring stands for. New season, new beginnings, new fashion, new challenges and hopefully, more new experiences. Plus there’s just something about the springtime that makes everyone happy. I’m not sure if it’s the immediate relief from a cool weather or the anticipation that builds to the upcoming summer but whatever it may be, there seems to some universal acceptance that spring is a season of change and new beginnings.

So as I continue to wear my trench coats, scarves, boots and many, many layers to keep warm, just know I’m looking for you springtime because you’re quite overdue for a visit.

Until next time,



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