Happy Easter…peeps!


The day we honor and recognize because it’s the day that Jesus rose from the death. He died for us and rose for us, so we could live and have a second chance at Heaven.

Sadly, I couldn’t make it to church for Resurrection Sunday because I’m working all day but I still celebrating what this day means and how important it is.

Easter is also a time of celebrating with friends and family. And it’s also a time when an iconic food group comes to town…PEEPS!

Yes, peeps! Those pastel colored, marshmallow shaped bunnies and chicks that we all love to eat on Easter Day!
Well, this year, I’ve noticed that people are taking their peeps to the next level. Just like here where the Washington Post collected pictures from folks from around the country and their interpretation of peeps! Very cute and very creative!!

And for those of us who want to eat our peeps as treats, BuzzFeed has given you some very cool ways to enjoy these pastel treats of marshmallow goodness!

So no matter how you choice to celebrate this day or what you decide to eat, just enjoy it!

Until next time,


enhanced-buzz-7374-1363899937-1Fancy peeps!


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