These past few weeks have been very busy and very stressful for me. Between work and job hunting, I feel like my stress level has just sky rocketed!

But then one day a couple of weeks ago I decided to channel all my stress in the a new way… at the gym! You heard me right! At the gym pounding the pavement and letting it all out on the floor.

I don’t know why or what it was but there was a day when I literally spend an hour and a half at the gym just letting out all the stresses in my life. And this is not to say that I live a stressed life or that I left stress eat me up but it’s we’re all human and life gets hard and it does get to all of us in some way.

And for me, after working out that day, I decided I’m going to use all this stress to pump some iron in the gym. So along with working out with my trainer, I’ve been going to the gym 3 – 4 times a week (the goal is to hit 5 times  a week), which is pretty amazing especially with the crazy hours I work. I’ve also decided to become a smoothie queen and only drink my breakfast whether its pink, purple or green — yeah, I like to shake things up when it comes to my flavors!

But needless to say, all this gym-therapy has really helped. This past week along I felt better, looked better and people have said they noticed a difference too. At first, I just joked around that I was on the stress diet and literally all this stress was eating away at all the pounds. But when I got my measurements taken this week and saw the numbers – I’m losing inches in places that I want to tone and gain muscle in areas that to perfect! That was the moment for me when I realized it was changing. Not a lot, just a little but still change is change and change is good.

I plan on keeping this up and trying to make it a habit to include more gym-therapy in my routine. Because my other thinking is, the more gym-therapy I do now means the more retail therapy I can do later! 🙂

Until next time,




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