Working the Red Carpet – Definitely a Night to Remember

Back in April, I had the opportunity to cover the Red Carpet for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, DC. The iconic event has been happening for decades now and lately it’s become the who’s who of Washington Elites and Hollywood’s finest. And this year, I was there.

Needless to say, I wish I could have attended the dinner itself where the President and a comedian both take the stage and have a little fun! But being at the red carpet was just as good and pretty amazing.

My assignment was simple — talk to any and everyone who would stop and get some quick interviews. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a very confident person but even I was a little nervous when all the Hollywood stars starting coming in.

Especially, the ones from my FAVORITE TV drama, Scandal. But I did get my nerves together in time to interview both Shonda Rhimes, show creator and Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant III on Scandal.

20130507-103232.jpgOw ow! Red carpet look – black ruffled top, black NY & Co. black pants, pearl pumps and of course, a white tuxedo jacket!

20130507-103245.jpgMy partner in crime on the red carpet — fellow journo and co-worker, Kyle! We made a great team!

But the list didn’t stop there. During the two hours before the dinner started, I chatted with and interviews, John Legend, Michael J. Fox, Jon Huntsman, Andy Cohen, Kathleen Turner, Attorney General Eric Holder just to name a few!

And I was there representing MSNBC so I talked to a few of our own like Thomas Roberts, Chris Matthews, Rev. Al Sharpon and Willie Geist. It was another one of those whirlwind experiences that I’m still trying to figure how it all happened.

20130507-103307.jpgWe didn’t talk to Kerry Washington but being in her presence as a Scandal fan was pretty amazing!


Interviewing Tony Goldwyn, aka President Fitz on Scandal!

20130507-103351.jpgRev. Al

20130507-103404.jpgAfter we finished covering the Red Carpet, we chatted with E!’s Alicia Quarles!

Over the past year and half, I’ve had the chance to cover some pretty amazing Washington events but this one will definitely go down as one of my top best moments. Plus such a good learning experience!

Until next time,



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