18 months flew by so fast…

Wow…Feels like I’m graduating again.

Today’s my last day at NBC News Washington and it’s unbelievable to think how much I’ve learned, changed and grown these past 18 months.

Today I’m a better, smarter and more confident journalist who came, saw and conquered everything NBC had to offer.

Even today, it blows my mind that I’ve already covered two political conventions, my first election and inauguration, worked INSIDE the White House, survived a Red Carpet, witnessed history at SCOTUS, covered the first African American President and so much more.

God is TOO GOOD and I’m blessed for this whole experience — the good, the bad and the challenging!


I’ll miss this view of the control room before Nightly News…

20130523-001537.jpgNothing finer than seeing this view of the White House on a lovely spring morning.

20130523-001600.jpgI even attended my FIRST NCAA Elite Eight basketball game thanks to my job… covering the President will take you anywhere!

20130523-001709.jpgStill in awe that I covered this! Can’t wait for the next one!

20130523-002020.jpgIt’s journalism tradition for ALL the White House/Washington journos to sign the walls of the old pool in the White House. That was my first day there with NBC!

20130523-002356.jpgWe really were a festive bunch of folks!

20130523-122801.jpgHopefully the first of MANY elections that I’ll cover in my career!

20130523-122922.jpgVery happy that I met this fellow during one of my shifts at 1600 Penn!

So today, I say “see ya later” to NBC News Washington, hello to a quick summer break and then hello to HAGERSTOWN! Life’s a journey and so far I’m loving every bit of it.

Today marks the end of one chapter but the beginning of another. Plus they always say you have to move away to come back so who knows I’ll be back in Washington again!

Until next time,



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