Moving Woes!

Well, the time has come for me to leave Silver Spring and move on to bigger and better things! It’s still a very bittersweet feeling to know I’m leaving this apartment after more than a year and half of memories, good times and memorable experiences.

All my friends have either seen this place, crashed on the couch and/or come to visit to watch Scandal or eat dinner. Yep, Silver Spring will always have a special place in my heart.

But now it’s off to another downtown… Downtown Frederick!

So I’ll still be a Maryland girl — actually I’m becoming a full time resident, which means goodbye North Carolina ID and tags 😦 — and I’ll still be semi close to the city. Sadly, not just a few blocks away and more like 40 minutes away but hey, at least I can make the trip in a day!

But until moving day, I’ve been packing my life away and regretting every purchase I’ve ever made in the past year because I have a TON of stuff.

Anywho, back to packing! Catch yall on the flip side!

Until next time,




20130607-091923.jpgThis is not even HALF of it! Le sigh…packing woes!


2 thoughts on “Moving Woes!

  1. Enjoy the packing. I’ve packed many times in a long lifetime and it never gets easy. We’re about to make a interstate move and there is a lot of packing and getting rid of what we really don’t need. Best of luck to you.

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