Moving Day!

Well, here it is. Moving Day.

It’s one of those weird days where you’re excited, anxious and stressed out all at once. It’s also a little surreal to look around my old place and see all my things packed yet so many memories hanging around.

As I sit here and type, I realize how much I’ve grown in this place. This place was much than a home. It was where friends and family came to visit me, it was where I set goals and organized dreams, it was where I ranted after a bad day and squealed after a good one. It was where I became a semi adult. (And I say semi because I’m still in total denial that I’m growing up. Yes, denial even though I pay bills and will be 25 this year..  but that’s another story.)

But you get my drift. This old apartment was my home for that past year and half and now it’s just an empty room with boxes. Crazy how fast time flies. Especially when you’re having fun as they say or really just living life.

I’m excited to move I really am. I think it’s just surreal, sitting here and looking around and remembering all the good times and all the memories that I’ll take with me. Hopefully, my new place will become as much of a home if not even more of a home than this one.

Until next time,



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