Change is good….

I recently had A LOT of change happen in my life.

I moved. I got a new hair cut. I got a new job. And I have a new beginning.

And life has been really busy trying to figure it all out. From learning my way around a new town, figuring out a new job and trying become an adult…yeah all the mail I get now are bills. (Le sigh)

But I’m enjoying this new experience. I finally feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do and what I’ve been training for…for years. So all is well. All is busy and a little challenging at times but that’s life.

So for now. I’m taking it day by day, story by story and DIY project by DIY project. (Yeah…I’ve gone a little crazy with the DIY projects lately and pinterest is like my best friend now so you’ve been warned lol)

But just know, I’m still here. Still blogging and living this so-called life. And still trying to figure it all out.

Until next time,



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