I’m really not into this whole adult lifestyle thing…

Remember the days when getting mail used to be fun?!

I’m being so serious! There was a time and I was praying I’d have a piece of mail because it meant I was important…actually it just meant I was cool.

But now….man, ya’ll can take all this mail back! Instead cards, it’s bills and I’m not a fan of those. For the past two years, I was successfully able to avoid most adult like syndromes like bills and responsibility. I only paid for rent, gas and the occasion my car has a tummy ache issue. But these days, there’s no escaping them.

I know pay for cable, internet, electric, water, trash, rent, insurance…oh the list goes on and I sadly realize that I’m becoming an adult.

Like a full fledged adult who thinks about which bills I’ll pay with this card and which with the other. I’ve also become that OCD unplugging person who would rather almost trip getting to her bed at night than pay for the extra 15 minutes of usage to turn on a lamp. Yes, I’ve become one of those people.

On the other hand, I guess it’s all for the greater good that I start to embrace this whole “adult lifestyle.” I’m still in denial most of the time but on the first of the month, I’m quickly reminded by a stack of envelopes that I’ve made it to adulthood. It’s that weird realization that I should attempt to be responsible most of the time….even when it’s hard to do.

But you have to admit… don’t you just want to remember the good ole days when mail was exciting, carefree and didn’t have a dollar sign in every other sentence. Yeah me too. Those were the days man. Those were the days.

Until next time,



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