Natural Curls for ALL Types of Girls

Being natural can be challenging. There are SO many products to try, techniques to learn and patience to be gained along the way. But recently I stumbled upon a product that’s making the natural life a little bit easier.

And transitioning from relaxed to natural or working with a post big chop hair cut can be a journey of many things… including some trial and errors with products. Shoot, it’s doesn’t even matter if you’ve been natural all my life like me — I’m still learning how to manage my curls while experimenting with new styles.

But thankfully, with this new product called Kurly Klips, women who are relaxed, natural and anything in between can get full, beautiful curls!

I had the chance to chat with Lana Boone, Kurly Klips creator and fellow natural afro puff about her new product, her journey as a natural and what plans she has for the future! This girl is amazing and has such a great spirit which you’ll see from the interview. So sit back and enjoy…oh and check out her site!

Kirstin Garriss (KG): When did you get the idea for Kurly Klips? And who’s apart of your team?

Lana Boone (LB): Kurly Klips was born out of anger and tears!  A stylist I trusted wreaked havoc on my hair when I was getting a sew-in removed and re-installed. Her bad day set my hair journey back months. I would have never treated my hair with the savagery she demonstrated and kept asking: how can I do this myself, but better?

In my tears and prayers to God (I know a bit dramatic, but girls, you know how hard it is to grow healthy kinky hair), the idea for clip-ins literally struck me like a lightening bolt. I asked my bff Google if anyone sold kinky curly clip-ins and was astonished by the limited results.  In that moment, not only had I found a way to empower myself, I had found a way to empower other women by giving them yet another tool in this journey towards hair self-sufficiency. Cause child, ain’t nobody gonna to love you like you.

As for my team, we’re small, but efficient. I personally wash Kurly Klips myself and my friend Lionel Ifill does all of my photography and graphics.


“Kurly Klips offers versatility, protective styling, and CONTROL over your tresses.” – Lana Boone

KG: What are Kurly Klips?

LB: Kurly Klips are curly textured clip-in extensions that are made from 100% remy human hair. Each weft has snap clips sewn on them. This is how the wefts are attached to the hair. You simply open all the snaps, attach them to your hair, and snap them closed. To further protect your strands, I recommend cornrowing your hair first and attaching the clips to the braids. This lessens any stress on your natural hair.

Kurly Klips takes about five minutes to put in and take out. No more waiting three months to touch your hair again. With Kurly Klips, you have the ability to administer all the love and care your natural hair needs daily.

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KG: What makes your product different from all the other weaves out there?

LB: What makes us different? You put Kurly Klips in yourself! Installation takes about five minutes. Think about it this way:

With regular sew-ins, you have to pay for the extensions. After you pay for the extensions, you have to pay for a stylist to install them. Three months later, you have to pay for a stylist to remove them and then re-install them again. It’s such an expensive cycle! Kurly Klips define smart luxury.  You have one cost and that’s hair you snap on yourself.

And since you put in Kurly Klips yourself, you can get really creative with your styles. With a sew-in, you might be limited to that tired left side-part, but Kurly Klips offers ultimate versatility. Give yourself a deep side-part Monday, a ponytail on Tuesday, a high bun on Wednesday, a fishtail braid on Thursday, and side-swept bangs on Friday. The styling options are limitless.

Plus, you can give your natural hair a break. You can really clean it, deep condition it, evaluate its health, give it air.  You’re not married to your extensions. You can really get to know your hair and give it the love and attention it deserves.

KG: Who can use your products?

LB: Kurly Klips were created with textured curls in mind. By offering the My Spirals and My Fro collections, Kurly Klips blends with both relaxed and natural hair.

KG: If I buy Kurly Klips, how much maintenance does it require?

LB: Since you remove Kurly Klips before caring for them, you can spot potential tangles from weft to tip. This makes maintenance so much easier because you can actually see what you’re doing. With that said, the hair requires moisture. It needs loving care and attention too. So on washday, take them out, and give them a good deep condition to add moisture and loosen any tangles. Remember, the My Fro collection features afro-textured hair. It’s going to act like afro-textured hair and you need to treat it as such.


KG: What if I’ve never used weaves before, is this a good product to use as a first-timer?

LB: Definitely. Unlike other brands, Kurly Klips has a YouTube channel dedicated to styling and care. I created these tools so first-timers wouldn’t have to experience this part of their hair journey alone.

“Feel confident in your beauty. But remember, if you don’t want to rock short hair, you don’t have to. Take care of yourself, Kurlies.” – Lana Boone

KG: Now, a question everyone wants to know, Is this healthy?

LB: Like all hair regimens, health is what you make of it. Kurly Klips will not damage your hair if you use them properly. I, for one, have fine natural hair. I keep my hair in cornrows two weeks at a time and I always attach the Klips to the braids.  When my braids feel dry, I spritz them with a water/leave-in mix and I seal my ends. I also deep condition every washday and my hair thrives with this regimen. Remember, you have total control of how often you wear your Kurly Klips. If you feel like your hair needs a break, skip a few days, and wear them when you’re ready again. With Kurly Klips, you can constantly evaluate your hair’s health and make any necessary changes.

KG: What expectations do you have for Kurly Klips as a business?

LB: I would love to see more black women learning and loving their hair. I hope Kurly Klips empowers thousands of women in this stage of their hair journeys.

 I hope Kurly Klips also inspires more ladypreneurs. Not just necessarily in the hair and beauty industry, but in any and all industries. Having graduated from college the year the economy fell, I personally understand the struggle for employment. But I would like to tell women this: with a good business plan and a dash of grace, you can work it out. You can definitely work it out.


KG: Why should women try this product?

LB: The curls are luxurious and the hair is high quality. It saves women time and money that would have otherwise been spent at the hair salon. And it gives them a chance to truly take care of their natural hair as they wear extensions.

KG: Any advice to those new “kurlies” on the block trying to figure out how to be natural?

LB: Patience. In the words of Dr. Phoenyx Austin: If you love it, it will grow.  Also, keep a hair journal and record what works and doesn’t work for your hair. If I had done that from the start, I would have saved a lot of time and money.


If you have more questions or want to know more about Kurly Klips, look for them on Facebook and Twitter! P.S. They even had a coupon on their website for klips so go check it out!

Until next time,



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