DIY by KG: Custom Lamp Shade

Well, as I’ve said before, I’ve been going DIY crazy in my new place. And for the next few posts, I’ll be doing a mini series called “DIY by KG.” I’ll breakdown some of the DIY projects I’ve been doing lately and show you how I did it!

Today’s presentation… the custom lamp shade.


The Materials: Lamp shade, fabric, adhesive spray, super glue, scissors and paper clips.


Close up of the materials — both my fabric and adhesive spray were found at JoAnn’s Fabric. And my fabric was on sale too!


First, iron the amount of fabric needed to cover the shade. Ironing it will make it easier to lay the fabric onto the shade and avoid bubbles.


Second, I placed my fabric on the shade and section by section, I sprayed the shade with the adhesive spray and then pressed the fabric down. To hold the ends down and in place, I placed paper clips around the shade. You don’t have to use paper clips, that’s just what I had available. Let the shade dry for about an hour or so.


After the shade was dry, I used super glue to secure the access fabric around the inside of the shade frame. Be careful because this stuff works and it works really well… really quickly. Let this dry for an hour too.


And voilà — you now have a custom lamp shade that will cost you a lot less than going to some specialty store and you’ll get major kudos from your friends as a DIY master! Plus it’s fun!

Until next time,


P.S. The lamp itself was originally white and I decided to spray paint it pink. Only took a few minutes to paint and a couple of hours to dry. Looks pretty good to me!


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