DIY by KG: Statement Lamp

And the DIY posts continue! Yes, another lamp but DIY-ed in another way!

I call it a statement lamp!


Here are your supplies: Old lamp, spray paint, painter’s tape, and a paint pen.


close up! And can we talk about this before picture of the lamp — super old school and not too cute. But it was from Goodwill so it didn’t cost much!


First step: Wrap the top parts of the lamp with painter’s tape and then spray paint the lamp. Make sure you get good coverage and spray paint outside! You don’t want flumes in your apartment! Then let the lamp dry overnight if you can — the longer the better.


After the lamp is completely dry, find a quote or saying that you like and then use the paint pen to write it on the lamp. If you haven’t noticed by now I love my fashion so I obviously picked a quote from one of the greats, YSL!


Let the paint dry and there you have it a DIY statement lamp! Looks great in any room and mine is shining brightly in my living room!

Until next time,



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