Kirstin’s Favorite Quotes…and Things

“Without even noticing, UNC seeps into your pores. By junior year, she’s in your blood. You can’t remember a time when you didn’t have moments on campus where you lose your breath for a second and all you can think is, ‘Wow, I love this place.’ …And then UNC tells you to leave. And it hurts.”

Who is the judge? God is the Judge.
Why is God the Judge? Because he decides who’s right and who’s wrong.
-The Great Debaters

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure.”

“My black brothers and sisters – no one will know who we are …until we know who we are.” – Malcolm X

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real – Don’t let F.E.A.R. get in the way!

“I am a women of culture, not couture.” – French fashion designer, Sonia Rykiel

And here are just a few of my favorite things:

  • Chai Tea Lattes (actually just about anything from Starbucks!)
  • The color blue…of course Carolina Blue is my favorite shade
  • Funky patterned blazers
  • Bright colored cardigans
  • College basketball
  • Soul/R&B music
  • Jewelry – of all types – you name it, I have it!
  • Roasted red pepper hummus and pita chips = best snack ever!
  • Thrift stores (not vintage – there’s a difference)

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