First day = Success!

Today was a good day! There’s no other way to describe it! And it was probably one of the best first days that I’ve had at an internship in a while!

Why you may ask? Well, this was probably one of the few times that I actually started an internship on time – as in I started with orientation and then the rest of the internship versus coming a week or two early, not having any formal training and then having orientation after I’ve learned the basics. So it was nice to learn everything all at once. Plus I was thrown into the mix and into the flow of my show and it was great.

As an intern for a show, I totally expected to just observe for the first day but I was in the studio working! And it was a good experience to have to go from 0 to 60 in like a few seconds! It was also a new experience being the sole intern for a sector. In past internships, I’ve been one of three or four interns for a department so it’s a new experience but everyone’s nice and helpful and I know this will be a good experience.

Oh and did I mention that the icing on the cake for today was seeing that I have my own desk with a phone and an extension! I was so happy about this and even though this may sound minor, it was a BIG deal to me!!

So after my first day, I have major expectations for my internship and this whole experience in D.C. I know I keep saying this but I feel like I’m here for a reason. And that my time here in D.C. could open some interesting doors while I’m here! But again it was a good start to a new experience and I’m ready for it!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “First day = Success!

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