Post Grad Adventures

During the summer, I always make an effort to travel and have mini adventures either in the city where I’m staying or somewhere new! Continue to check this page for updates on my travels and all the things I see, do, and experience!

Tis life, KG

First Adventure — Georgetown — CHECK

Ok so for those of you who know D.C., you know that Georgetown is for the mecca of all shops – the cute ones, expensive ones, the classics, the unique and the original. Well, now it’s all my next door neighbor so I’m ecstatic that I get to go visit this lovely area any time I want to and it’s only hop, skip, jump away – well maybe not all that but I all have to do is walk there and that’s a plus!

**** Adventure completed on June 18th with my fellow UNC alum for P-day weekend 2011! What is this P-day weekend, you ask? Well…every June my partner in crime, Perrine, celebrates her birthday with P-day weekend and this year’s destination was in D.C. So today we explored Georgetown and all it had to offer from the super, duper, over expensive name brand designers to the famous Georgetown Cupcakes! And of course, I did some shopping but I was able to play it smart and keep it cheap! Can we say a cute vintage dress for work and a funky colored scarf from Urban for under (drumroll please) $15! Fabulous right!

And I briefly mentioned Georgetown cupcakes and they were everything I thought it would be! Unique flavors with great taste and now I can that I’ve been there!

Second Adventure – Go to a summer concert — CHECK

So, yes, it’s true, I completed my second adventure before I even started my first but it was an AWESOME experience! Tonight (6/09/11) I saw R&B artist, Ryan Leslie, in concert at The Park lounge and it was FREE!! Now that is an amazing combination – great musician and it was Free-99! But don’t get me wrong, it was a struggle at times because the concert was late and I was trying to be cute with 4 inch heels on. So let’s just say my feet were VERY happy once the concert was over. But it was a really good concert, it was very relaxed and very intimate – Like Ryan Leslie was probably about 10ft away from me! Needless to say, I’m still star stuck from the experience as I ice my knees, pop a few Ibuprofen and regain feeling in my toes lol! But more adventures coming soon – until then enjoy the pictures from the concert!

Definitely one of my favorite photos – shout out to my Iphone camera!

Third Adventure – Visit the D.C. Carnival — CHECK

This weekend, I experience Carnival – one of the biggest Caribbean festivals in the country! It was a very interesting experience, it was like one long block party with food, vendors, music and people all over the place. Check out my blog post about the event but below is a sneak peek.

Fourth Adventure — Visit the Smithsonian — Multiple Times — lol — So I’ve been slacking with my adventures posts…I’ve actually been to the Smithsonian museums a few times this summer. And to prove it, below are a few pictures from my adventures in the Museum of Natural History. Enjoy!

Fifth adventure – Maryland!

This past weekend, I had a very nice day tour of Maryland — well mostly Baltimore and Annapolis but both were just lovely! I even had the chance to visit the American Visionary Art Museum, which was a very interesting collection of art and just weird stuff! But fun times all around!

Outside the museum is this awesome bus!

Sixth Adventure — Philly — August 2nd – 7th – NABJ Convention

So this was my third NABJ Convention and it was a great experience because I participated with NABJ’s Student Projects. Of course, I already have a blog post about it but it was much fun and I did see some of Philly (like the famous ‘LOVE’ sign!)

Seventh Adventure — Ethiopian Food — August 19th — I finally had Ethiopian food for the first time tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, it was weird at first just eating with my hands and sharing food from the same plate BUT the food was awesome and it was a nice experience not having to use silverware for once!

Eighth adventure — Annapolis, Maryland — Alex Haley & the Navy – October 1st — So this past weekend, I had another adventure in MD and I got to see the Naval Academy and the Alex Haley memorial. Below are a few pieces but check out my post to see more.

Ninth Adventure — IKEA — December 10th

On Saturday, I went to IKEA to go shopping for my new apartment! This was the first time I went to IKEA and everything I looked at was for me and my new place. Plus I had a VISA gift card from my birthday so I was even more excited because I knew I could splurge just a little on a few things that I really wanted — like a new funky pillow for my bed but also a bright blue frame for a poster I have! So below are just a few things that I bought from IKEA and I can’t wait to get them set up in my room!

Just some of the awesome things that I got from IKEA!!

Tenth Adventure —  Silver Spring — now until 18months down the road — Well, as you have seen from my various blog posts, I’ve moved to Silver Spring, MD for my new job and this is my new home. I’m somewhat familiar with the area but there’s still so much that I have to learn about the area and all that it has to offer.

Welcome to my new home — Silver Spring!

Eleventh adventure — The Red Carpet — oh yeah! 

On January 26, 2012, I had the chance to attend the NABJ Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and it was a night for the stars…in journalism. It was held at the Newseum and it was truly an amazing night! To learn more about this Red Carpet Adventure, check out this post.

Billie Holiday for the night!

The Hall of Fame inductees!


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